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Wholesale AMOI From China

Amoi Technology Co.,Ltd was set up by Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronics Group Co., Ltd, CASREV fund and elite management team. Hold "Amoi" trademark, patent, 95% stake of Xiamen Amoi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd, software and management system from original Amoi Electronics and the production and testing equipment associated with the mobile phone business. Established in August 1981, Amoi has been dedicated to integrate the most cutting-edge wireless technology into fashion phones since our initial establishment. Right from 2002, they have synchronized to follow up the three major 3G standards (WCDMA, EVDO and TD-SCDMA), and continue to invest R&D resources to a vast area of 3G research and development accumulation. Amoi has 145 patents and 45 software copyrights, living in a leading position of research and development capabilities in Chinese mobile phone industry. Our brand value has been ranking in the forefront of "500 most valuable brands in China,"

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